She is regularly asked to play in many music festivals. Last summer, she had the honour to participate in the prestigious Chopin Festival in Paris, where she performed a piano recital entirely dedicated to Chopin. In addition, Nadja also performed at the "Les Arènes Lyriques" Festival in Paris, where she gave no less than 10 concerts. She enchanted the audience with her talent and virtuosity, notably during the performance of Rachmaninov’s Concerto No. 3, considered a masterpiece for piano. His performance was widely praised by critics and was mentioned positively in the magazine « Le Monde ».

Nadja Dornik fell in love with music at the age of four. At first, Nadja began to play the piano, but as very quickly she was delighted to harp. She graduated with two Masters at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris in both classes (piano and harp).

Since autumn 2023, she has been pursuing her Diploma of Performer Artist (DAI) at CNSMDP as a pianist in the class of Frank Braley, as well as a Master of Chamber Music with her trio (piano, violin, cello) at the same Conservatoire in the class of Claire Désert and Michaël Hentz. This year she also got a scholarship from the École Normal de Musique in Paris which allows her to continue her Improvement in the piano class of Gaspard Dehaene and she is also admitted to the piano excellence class of Shani Diluka, supported by the Monegasque government, within the Prince Rainier III Academy of Music.

Winner of more than thirty international competitions, Nadja performs very young with many orchestras.

« Grace and virtuosity

Another promising talent is Serbian pianist and harpist Nadja Dornik, who combines two instruments studied in a double curriculum at the Paris Conservatory. After having accompanied Bellini on the harp, here she is on the piano for the stunning final Alla breve of Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No 3, of which Raphaël Zeitoun apologized for having reduced the lush orchestration to a dozen instruments.

The wires of light bulbs lit between the trees while silhouettes stand out from the windows and terraces of neighboring buildings to listen to streams of music scattered in the coming night.

We are in Paris. It could be anywhere, or nowhere. The audience holds its breath for a Fantaisie-Impromptu, op. 66, by Chopin, played with grace and virtuosity.»

Le Monde

Next concert: May 18, 2024 - Concert with Arthur Legros (violin) and Charles Gaugué (cello), Musée Henner in Paris, France 🇫🇷

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“Nadja Dornik is an incredible talent, with high musicality, great technic and a wonderful presence on stage!”

Silke Aicchorn

"Her sound is pure, her touch is delicate and precise, and she is gifted with a truly rare musical intelligence."

Daniele Garella

"Widely applauded by the audience, this performance will remain in memory as a luminous instant. Wonderful musician, Nadja Dornik shows an extraordinary musical maturity for her young age, and a philosophy about music which promises her to a very successful career."

Carole Reuge